What makes a good landlord?

A long term tenancy works better for both tenants and landlords.  For tenants it is a sign that they are settled into the property and enjoying the experience. Landlords will usually make more money from a long-term let rather than constantly having to find new tenants, with less upheaval and estate agent charges.
So, what makes a good landlord?  What should a tenant be looking for in this important relationship?

• Good communication - a landlord that actually seems to care.  Wouldn’t it be good if the landlord contacted you shortly after moving in to check everything is ok?  It would help establish a positive channel of communication and make things easier going forward, benefiting both parties.  It would start things off on the right track!
• A good landlord is clear on what they expect from tenants when they first move in – and these expectations are reasonable!  As tenants you can only follow the rules if you know them! Extra care at the beginning of the process can avoid trouble further own the line. There are stories of crazy landlord requests out there, do you have any?  If so, add them below.  
• Landlords should rent a house that the tenant can be proud of. If it looks good to begin with, there is a better chance that it will be cared for and looked after. 
• A good landlord ensures that the property is in a good state when the tenant moves in.  There should have been a professional clean (yes a proper clean with the cupboards wiped down and dust behind the furniture removed – this is what is expected on the check-out, so have it done on the check-in!). Tenants have enough jobs to do when they are moving without having to clean the property at the same time, and they will really appreciate it. It also helps set the standard for what is expected.
• It sounds obvious, but a good landlord will make sure the property is safe!!  For example that the electrics work properly (including PAT tests of equipment) and that safety certificates are up to date.
• A good landlord stays on top of general repairs. Nothing is worse than having to constantly chase for repairs to be completed, or having botched jobs that need re-doing later down the line.
• How about a landlord that rewards a good tenant?  This would encourage them to stay in the property, and increase the likelihood of long term tenants.  No-one wants to constantly end up moving around.  If good behaviour is rewarded, it shows that penalties for bad behaviours’ (such as late penalty fines) are reasonable.
• A landlord that takes care of their responsibilities quickly and efficiently benefits everyone. Good landlord = happy tenants. Making everything clear at the beginning and then putting it into practice will make tenants realise that moving into the property was a good idea.

Do you have any points you can add? Or experiences you can share?  Add them below by submitting a comment.


Honesty for instance, this space for a washing machine is smaller than normal, so you will have to buy one to fit. Yes, the boiler is 32 years old and due for replacement. Yes, we will fix everything cosmetic and not count this against larger more urgent repairs and furthermore when you do contact us with a problem we will not make you feel like you make constant demands. Yes, we will put up the rent a reasonable amount each year, but if our normal benchmark is the cost of living, then the one year we put up the rent by 4 times that we will listen to your objections and reconsider our greed.
I’m glad that you mentioned the impotence of conducting repairs. Some landlords ignore their tenants when they ask to fix something in house and that could be one of the biggest mistakes that property managers make. Nowadays some rental platforms, like this one https://rentberry.com/work-order, for instance, offer tenants to send an online maintenance service request to property owners. So landlords can see the priority of request and, thus, can handle them quicker. I think it's very convenient for both property manager and tenant.

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