What to look for in a housemate

If you’ve had a year in halls, choosing a housemate can be easier.  You will may have a couple of groups of friends in a similar position, and it’s a case of choosing the best ones to live with,

Or maybe you have a few house mates already and there will be a spare room, so you need to find someone to fill it.

In these situations, you need to consider what makes the best house mate.  A good house mate can make all the difference to the year ahead.

Remember, just because someone is good fun on a night out doesn’t necessarily make them an ideal house mate!  Ultimately, think about all the pro’s and con’s and then make your choice.  I’m sure it will be a good one.

Here are some things to consider when thinking about potential housemates:

  • How tidy are they in relation to you: will you annoy each other with unwashed dishes?
  • Do you want a mixed gender house?  Stereotypically, male only houses become overly laddish and quickly deteriorate, whereas houses with only girls however can become bitchy.  These are stereotypes, but remember, stereotypes often form for a reason!
  •  If you move in with a couple, think about how the house will be if the relationship ends!
  • Smokers v non-smokers
  • Will you be a communal house?  If so, will the people you are sharing with be happy about sharing cooking / cleaning tasks.
  • If you are sharing meals – how good a cook are they!
  • If you are sharing with people from different years, consider if they will be partying when you’re about to sit your finals!
  • Do you share interests: for example, will they want to watch TV soaps while you want to play on the PS3?
  • Do they have a car?

What other things do you consider?  Post them below!

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