A guide to student renting in Liverpool

Where are the popular locations for student accommodation?

We’ve been recommended the following:

University of Bristol and UWE: rented accommodation guide for students

Bristol (UWE and University of Bristol)

Popular Locations for Student Accommodation:

  • Clifton
  • Downend
  • Frenchay
  • City Centre
  • Henleaze

Remember to check whether you will need a car parking permit when looking at houses.


Average Rent:

The average rent a student pays for a room in Bristol when renting privately seems to be £75 - £90 per week.  Does this fit with your experience?

Living in Bristol:

What makes a good landlord?

A long term tenancy works better for both tenants and landlords.  For tenants it is a sign that they are settled into the property and enjoying the experience. Landlords will usually make more money from a long-term let rather than constantly having to find new tenants, with less upheaval and estate agent charges.
So, what makes a good landlord?  What should a tenant be looking for in this important relationship?

Student Renting in Loughborough - a guide

Living in Loughborough:

Loughborough University is located in the beautiful County of Leicestershire.  Being close to Nottingham and Leicester you get the benefit of their shops, bars, restaurants and other amenities whilst living slightly outside in a relatively small town.

Renting in Newcastle - a guide for tenants

Following years of fluctuating economic fortunes Newcastle's has become a vibrant and cultural city.   The city originally developed as a centre for the wool trade and then became a major coal mining area. But today, it is largely a business and cultural centre, with a good reputation for its nightlife and friendly people.

Interesting facts:

Renting in Old Street and Shoreditch, London - Area guide

The area

South of Hoxton and north of the City, the area around Old Street and further east in Shoreditch is fairly quiet in the day.  However that changes drastically at night when the area comes alive. Curtain Road and Old Street in particular have a variety of clubs and pubs. For those looking for a bit of culture, Shoreditch is home to a large number of art galleries.

Best areas to rent in London: A guide to Angel

The area

If you are in London and ask someone between the age of 22-30 where the best place to rent in London is, there is a good change the name Angel will come up.

Angel has become a popular area to rent for young professionals.  This is due to the fact that it has easy access to the city of London, and is a lively area with lots to do.  It also has the benefit of being within easy reach of the West End.

Upper Street is where many people go after a hard day at work or on the weekend, with restaurants, bars, shops and theatres.

Renting in Birmingham

Renting can be a tough decision, and it is important to get right.  This article is intended to offer a few suggestions to help.  After reading, please post any comments.  And then why not let us know what you thought of properties that you’ve rented by adding a review.


Flats in Birmingham city centre tend to be the most popular, with the city centre considered by many (especially the younger generation) to be one of the most desirable places to live.   Living here, you have practically everything you need on the doorstep:

Things Students Should Know Before Renting

Budget carefully!.Your biggest cost as a student is likely to be your rent.  However there will be other costs such as utility bills, tv licence etc.

Know your rights as a tenant. If you do get any problems – ask for help, the accommodation officer is there for exactly that reason!

Things that may seem fun at the time may not be as amusing when you get deductions from your damage deposit.

You should be provided with a copy of the Gas Safety certificate before they moving in – if it isn’t provided, ask for it.

All deposits should be held under the terms of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Landlords must inform you of the scheme that they are using within 14 days of accepting a deposit.

What to look for in a housemate

If you’ve had a year in halls, choosing a housemate can be easier.  You will may have a couple of groups of friends in a similar position, and it’s a case of choosing the best ones to live with,

Or maybe you have a few house mates already and there will be a spare room, so you need to find someone to fill it.

In these situations, you need to consider what makes the best house mate.  A good house mate can make all the difference to the year ahead.

Remember, just because someone is good fun on a night out doesn’t necessarily make them an ideal house mate!  Ultimately, think about all the pro’s and con’s and then make your choice.  I’m sure it will be a good one.

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